The Top 6 Most Popular Breeds of Rabbit

There are more breeds of rabbits in the world than most people realise, each with its own unique characteristics and temperaments. But what are the most popular breeds amongst British households?

Paper Pawtraits have compiled a list of the top 6 rabbit breeds in the UK. Let us know if yours made the list!

Number 6 – Holland Lop

Holland lops are a breed of dwarf rabbit that typically weigh no more than 4lbs once fully grown. This adorable breed has a wide, stocky body, with a fluffy head and long ears that fall on either side of their heads. The Holland Lop is an energetic breed, so is great for households that will allow this little bunny a lot of space to roam and exercise.

Number 5 – Flemish Giant

The Flemish Giant is the largest breed of rabbit in the world. These gentle bunnies usually weigh around 14lbs when fully grown but have been known to weigh up to 22lbs. With their friendly, easy-going nature, they’re popular amongst families and make a great addition to households looking for a large rabbit to share their homes with.

Number 4 – Mini Lop

The mini lop is another breed of dwarf rabbit, weighing between 3 and 6lbs once fully grown. This sweet-natured breed has a small, compact body and long ears that frame their heads. The mini lop needs space to stretch and exercise, so these bunnies are popular amongst households with safe gardens or space for free roam.

Number 3 – Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

The Netherland Dwarf is one of the smallest breeds of rabbit in the world, growing to between 1lb and 25lbs when fully grown. This tiny breed is so small that even when full-grown, they are often mistaken for baby rabbits. Due to their small size, these rabbits are best kept indoors and are a popular choice as indoor rabbits.

Number 2 – Angora Rabbit

The Angora Rabbit is one of the oldest breeds of rabbit in the world, as well as one of the most popular. Originally bred for their soft fur, these bunnies are gentle and calm and love to play with their owners. These even-tempered bunnies make excellent pets and are favoured companions amongst rabbit owners in the UK.

Number 1 – Lionhead

The Lionhead is the most popular breed of rabbit in the UK. Known for their distinctive mane around their heads, the Lionhead is a small, compact breed with a gentle temperament. These little rabbits are very lively and playful, making them popular amongst many households throughout the UK.

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