Remembering Your Pet This Festive Season

The festive season, with the Christmas and New Year celebrations, is always a time for remembering. Whilst we enjoy the time with our loved ones, we also take the time to think about those we’ve lost. This includes people as well as beloved pets that have been lost in the past weeks, months or years. No matter the time since the loss of a dearly loved pet, remembering them throughout your life is completely normal.

There can be a few different ways you can remember and commemorate your lost pets around the festive season. Some like to remember them by placing a personalised bauble with their name or photograph on the tree, others may place their image at the top of their tree as their guardian angel, some may light a candle in their memory and others may hang images or decorations in their memory.

Some pet owners are concerned that showing their loss by remembering or memorialising their pet may look silly to others. But there are many people around the world who will be doing the exact same thing for their lost pets. At Paper Pawtraits, we understand just how much pets are a part of the family. The second they come into your home they become an integral member of the family and grieving their loss can be much the same as grieving the loss of a human family member. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty for honouring your pet’s memory in a way that gives you comfort.

For some people, the festive season can cause the grief to cut deeper than normal. This can be due to a number of factors but remember you aren’t alone. Your loved ones want to help, so don’t worry about reaching out for help and support if you are struggling this Christmas season.

If you are heading into your first Christmas without your much-loved pet, we hope you get through this period and manage to find joy in the memories of your lost pet. Remember the happy times that were shared and enjoyed together.



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