Rabbit Must Haves That I’d Recommend

Having owned and loved rabbits for many years, I’ve gone through my fair share of rabbit supplies, from treats and food to bedding and litter. After going through so many different brands and supplies, I’ve found what works best for our rabbits, and so I’ve made a list of the products I’d definitely recommend to other rabbit owners!

Science Selective Pet Food

After a lot of trial and error with what my rabbits will and won’t eat, and what is healthiest for them, we’ve settled on Science Selective Rabbit Food as the best rabbit food. All of our rabbits love it and are always excited when we fill up their bowls. Not only this, but it’s packed full of great ingredients that are great for their overall health and wellbeing!

Plain Raisins

Raisins aren’t just for rabbits, but they’re usually the only reason we buy them! Out of every rabbit treat we could think of to buy for our bunnies, the one that ours just LOVE is raisins, they’d do anything for them! We always give them a couple as a treat and they’re always happiest when they’ve had their raisins.

Back To Nature Rabbit Litter

Back 2 Nature is the perfect litter for housetrained rabbits! It’s soft, chemical and additives free and made from 99% recycled paper so it’s even friendly to the planet. After going through quite a few litter brands for our house rabbits, we’ve settled on this all round great litter as our go-to, and our bunnies love it.

Rosewood Pets

Rosewood are a great, affordable pet brand that sell a huge range of pet supplies. We just love their rabbit toys and treats, and so do our bunnies! They’re great for enrichment, tooth management and always keep our rabbits entertained. They have a huge range of toys and treats, so you’re always sure to find something that works for your rabbit.

Hay from haybox.club

Now we all know that hay is the most important part of your rabbit’s diet, but finding the best quality hay has been a struggle. After we got our first order from HayBox, we never looked back. You get premium, farm fresh hay delivered to your door on a schedule that suits you, and they have a great range of different hay types for you to choose from.

Hop To Forage

We love giving our rabbits fun, enriching things to do all day, and Hop to Forage is definitely our favourite for herbs! They sell a range of herb mixes that are perfect for foraging and filled with everything your rabbit needs to be happy, healthy and full! Our rabbits love herb packs from Hop To Forage as a treat for enrichment.

Have you tried any of these brands before? Or do you have any ‘must-haves’ that haven’t been listed? We’re always on the look out for new things for our bunnies to try, so would love to hear from you!



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