My Rabbit Bonnie Sadly Passed Away

My beautiful rabbit, Bonnie, sadly passed away recently. She was only 18 months old and it was quite a shock to lose her so suddenly. Bonnie, got a condition called GI Stasis which can often be fatal in rabbits, and in Bonnie’s case, it was.

It’s so important to know the signs of GI Stasis. The earlier it’s caught, the more likely rabbits are to hopefully survive this horrible illness. Rabbits will quickly become lethargic, and exhibit signs of pain, such as teeth grinding and a hunched posture. As the illness progresses, they may also begin to produce excessive gas, as well as soft poos or diarrhoea. If not caught in time, GI Stasis is often fatal for rabbits, as it takes over their body.

After the sudden and unexpected loss of Bonnie, I found it very difficult to know what to do or how to cope with the grief as I never expected to lose her so young. The Pet Bereavement and Pet Loss Program really helped me through the death of Bonnie. This incredible program is completely free to use and allows you to talk about the loss of your beloved fur baby. You can call, email or chat with a trained volunteer, and having someone to talk to can be extremely helpful, especially in the first couple of weeks. It also has lots of amazing information and resources to help you continue to process your grief and the loss of your pet.

I’ll leave you with some photos of my special fur baby, Bonnie, to remember her and keep her memory alive.



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