Fun Animal Paper Crafts To Do At Home

Here at Paper Pawtraits, we love doing anything arts and crafts! We even have our own build your own Frog Prince Paper Articulated Puppet Paper Doll, this paper doll is a great paper craft for all ages! But if you’re looking for an easy paper craft that you can do at home without having to buy any materials or supplies, we have created this fun list for you!

Paperchain Animals

We all made paperchains at school, but have you thought about using this technique to make animals? Fun for both adults and children, paperchain animals are a great way to make fun decorations on a budget! Simply get the colour paper of your choice and begin weaving before adding a cute little face! Our favourites are snakes!

Hatching Chick Paper Craft

Perfect as Easter fast approaches! This cute papercraft is a fun, colourful papercraft that can easy be made with just a few materials! All you’ll need is some coloured card, paper and pens, glue and a split pin to make this little hatching chick craft! Once you’ve made your egg and chick, assemble the craft to make an adorable egg that opens up and hatches a chick!

Handprint Butterfly Craft

Mostly aimed at toddlers and younger children, a handprint butterfly paper craft is super easy to make and is the perfect keepsake! All you need is some coloured paper or card, a black market, glue stick and scissors and you can make your very own handprint butterfly paper craft! Simply trace your child’s hands on the coloured paper, cut them out and stick them together to create this bright, fun keepsake! Your child could even add it’s own decoration with pens or pencils afterwards.

Paper Plate Hedgehog Craft

If you have some leftover paper plates, this craft is a great way to pass the time! All you need is a paper plate, coloured pens and a black marker to create this adorable hedgehog craft! Start by cutting the plate in half, marking where you want the face to be and then colouring the rest. Then cut the other half of your paper plate into triangles and stick them on as spikes! And there you have it, an adorable, easy to make hedgehog craft!

Paper Roll Dogs

Paper roll dogs are the perfect way to take your finished toilet rolls and make them into something useful! All you’ll need is empty toilet roll tubes (as many as you want to make), some card, scissors and some coloured markers and you can make your own army of paper roll dogs! Simply draw the shapes you need, cut them out, decorate them, then stick them to your paper rolls to make some adorable little paper dogs!

What was your favourite craft on the list? We’d love to know if you give any of these fun paper crafts a go!



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