Bugsy and His New Best Friends

An update on Paper Pawtraits’ very own Bugsy the bunny rabbit and some exciting news!

My sweet little rabbit, Bugsy, sadly lost his brother Bandit in September. It was very upsetting and a shock as it was unexpected. Without him, Bugsy seemed lost and was quite down and lonely. I decided he needed a friend to pick him up a bit – Another rabbit!

I made the decision to get him some new friends to make sure he was never lonely. So we got in touch with Fat Fluffs Rescue to start the search for some new bunny friends. They matched us with three adorable baby rabbits, and we fell in love straight away. After our initial meeting, we brought them home to meet their new brother.

So, we’re pleased to introduce you to Amber (brown), Skye (brown and white) and Laguna (black and white), Bugsy’s new best friends! The newbies are now four months old and have bonded so well with Bugsy. We’ve also noticed a huge increase in Bugsy’s mood and he’s definitely enjoying being the boss of the pack!  They love their cuddles and attention from both each other and their humans and have settled into their routine really well. All four are obsessed with raisins and will do anything for them, we’ve definitely found their favourite food!

See them below loving their daily greens!


A huge thank you to Fat Fluffs Rescue for bringing our new bunnies into our lives, we’re so happy to have them! If you’d like to donate to Fat Fluffs Rescue or are maybe looking for a new addition to your family, you can find them here.



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