Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I recently created this piece of art using bright colours and my unique paper craft. There’s a common saying: ‘birds of a feather flock together’, and it inspired me to create this piece and I love how it turned out!

I documented the process of creating this piece so that you can see how I begin my work, and how it all comes together at the end!

Step 1:

Choosing the colours

I create a couple of different concepts that I then add colour to so I can find which colours I feel are the best fit for the piece of art I am creating. Here you can see my numbered sketches with the colour options to help me decide which colours to choose.

Birds of a Feather - Step 1

Step 2:

Finalising the design

Once I’ve chosen the colours, I need to choose my final design to work with. I’ll look at the designs I’ve created and choose the one I think fits best. Then I’ll create my final sketch which will be used in my final piece.

Birds of a Feather - Step 2

Step 3:

Cutting Out

Once I’ve decided on my colours and design, it’s time to get my paper ready, add any designs I need, and cut out each individual piece of paper to make the piece come to life.

Birds of a Feather - Step 3

Step 4:

Putting it all together

After I’ve finished cutting out my paper and adding any details in pencil, I then begin layering and sticking my paper down, slowly layering the pieces to make the art 3D, and by the end, I have my final illustration.

Birds of a Feather - Step 4

What did you think of the process? Did you expect it to take more or less steps to create?

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