Bird Sketches – The Cassowary Bird

One of my favourite things to draw is birds, I love their bright colours and the huge variety you can see within the species. I did a pastel sketch of a stunning Cassowary Bird I saw at Chester Zoo not too long ago, and I was amazed by the stunning colours.

Cassowary Bird at Chester Zoo

When it comes to using pastels in my art, I have a range of reasons I love to use them. Primarily the blending techniques I can use, and the way I can work with the colours until I get it just right.

I’ve put together some of my favourite pastel facts:

  • Pastels have actually been used since the Renaissance period, gaining popularity in the 18th
  • Pastels consist of pure powdered pigment and a binding ingredient.
  • There is a Pastel Society which was founded in 1898 and promotes awareness and appreciation for pastels.
  • Pastels are one of the most permanent forms of art available, lasting hundreds of years without cracking or fading.

Sketch of a Cassowary Bird

I’ve also put together some of my favourite facts about the Cassowary Bird:

  • There are three species of Cassowary: the Northern Cassowary, Southern Cassowary and Dwarf Cassowary
  • All three of these species are found in New Guinea, and the Southern Cassowary is also found in Australia
  • The only bird heavier than the Southern Cassowary is the Ostrich
  • Cassowaries actually help to spread seeds through their droppings

What is your favourite fact that not many people know? Have you been lucky enough to see a Cassowary in person?

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