The Making of Our Children’s Book – Architect of Dreams

I am so excited to announce that I illustrated this wonderful children’s book, Architect of Dreams! This beautiful book was illustrated by me, using my unique paper art style to illustrate every page – including the cover! Written by the wonderful author, Renea Bartlett, Architect of Dreams is a book about children learning how to be confident in their dreams, and how working together with like-minded people can help to achieve them. Each beautiful illustration throughout the book has depth thanks to the use of intricate paper cut-outs. With added details using mediums including paint, pens, and colouring pencils.

Architect of Dreams was carefully and intricately illustrated using paper layering techniques. A total of 480 sheets of paper were used to make the illustrations. This endeavour took me 4 months to complete all of the illustrations, with each page being created by hand for print.

Since its release, Architect of Dreams has gone viral, and became a number one best seller in the United States. It has also been awarded International Best Seller in the United Kingdom, which is a huge achievement for both myself and Renea! Over the coming weeks, I’ll be attending interviews about the book in local schools such as Elston Hall Primary School, as well as Wolverhampton Library!

I had such a great time working with Reana Bartlett and carefully creating the unique illustrations throughout this incredible book. I’m already looking forward to creating illustrations using my unique paper art style for future books in the pipeline!

You can get your hands on Architect of Dreams for £12.98 on Amazon.



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